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Microsoft to buy LinkedIn in 'coming days'

Microsoft to buy LinkedIn in 'coming days'

But the bidding war over LinkedIn has created tension, and Salesforce had been a pushing European regulators to closely scrutinize the deal due to antitrust concerns and Microsoft's history of monopolistic behavior.

To smooth a passage for the deal, Microsoft has offered the European competition authorities commitments that it will not disadvantage other social media networks, Microsoft president and chief legal officer Brad Smith said in a blog.

Allowing competing professional social networks to maintain current levels of interoperability with Microsoft's Office suite of products.

If we develop a LinkedIn application or a tile for Windows PCs and include it in Windows, we'll allow PC manufacturers to choose not to install them on their Windows PCs in the European Economic Area, or EEA. "As AI, machine learning and other technologies continue to advance, questions around access to critical datasets will only become more important and Salesforce will continue to share its views with regulators and policymakers around the world about the ways in which access to data is emerging as a key issue in competition policy".

These concessions will have to be honored for a period of 5 years in Europe, after which Microsoft will have a free hand.

Microsoft's Dollars 26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn was announced in June, the biggest-ever deal for a social media company. Now, approximately six months later, the European Commission has cleared the way for the epic buy.

Considering that the deal has already received regulatory clearances from United States, Canada, Brazil and South Africa, there is hardly anything keeping it for concluding.

Now that the two companies can rest easily, the deal will close "in the coming days".

So not only will the Office Add-in program, which enables developers to build tools with Microsoft Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, continue to be made available, but so will access to the Office Store and any marketing opportunities. Users will be able to remove any LinkedIn app or tile in Windows, Microsoft said, and pledged that it would not use Windows to nag customers to install a LinkedIn app.

It will ensure that IT administrators and users can customise their Office experience by choosing whether to display in the user interface the LinkedIn profile and activity information that may be integrated in the future.


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