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Super Retro Boy is nearly the 'Game Boy Classic' of your dreams

Super Retro Boy is nearly the 'Game Boy Classic' of your dreams

No European price or launch date has been revealed, but in the USA, this will be sold for $79.99 and will see release in August.

At CES, I got to play a prototype of the Super Retro Boy - and it was fun. The handheld is set to arrive in the United States some time in August 2017.

Super Retro Boy UK pricing: How much will the Super Retro Boy cost?

The new device will retail at around $79.99 when it launches in August 2017. No official United Kingdom price has been revealed, but given the usual pricing for games consoles and gadgets, we'd expect it to cost £80-100 when it arrives.

In case you haven't heard, Nintendo's NES Classic Edition console is insane popular.

And sadly, from what it looks like Nintendo might have no plans to revive the portable console. For those without cartridges, Innex has got you covered with three Jaleco game collection cartridges.

The Super Retro Boy is not a Game Boy clone.

In terms of design, the Super Retro Boy very clearly echoes the chunky design of the original Game Boy, rather than either of the later consoles.

In fact, the company has unveiled a new gaming device dubbed as Super Retro Boy that looks to be an upgraded version of the Game Boy. However, the L and R button placement may not work well for some games.

"This handheld is able to play every original Game Boy game ever made".

On the other hand, even if you do have a working Game Boy, maybe you'd just like to play your games on the Super Retro Boy's 10-hour, rechargeable 2,500 mAh. And remember that since none of those consoles were region-locked, you can play games bought from anywhere in the world.


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