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Bold campaign against sexual harassment in Mexico makes male metro riders squirm

Bold campaign against sexual harassment in Mexico makes male metro riders squirm

Campaigners against sexual violence placed a seat moulded in the shape of a male body-complete with genitals-on public transport in a campaign created to show men the difficulties women face every day. But as you can see in the video below, the guys who sit on the seat-clearly actors-squirm uncomfortably and quickly abandon the seat entirely.

The stunt even includes this promotional video of commuters looking equal parts confused and revolted. Another problem is that women are less likely to report an offence to the mainly male authorities that run its trains and buses.

"It's annoying to sit here, but doesn't compare to the sexual violence women suffer on their daily trips", a sign at the foot of the seat reads, per the Washington Post.

Many women smile as some of the men cover up their backsides in humiliation.

Mexico City is trying a new approach to raising awareness about sexual violence, and it will make you look twice.

Videos of the experiments, released by U.N. Women, have been viewed almost 1 million times as of Friday evening. Above the unusual bench a sign reads "for men only". Trains have had designated women-only subway cars for years and beginning last year, men who use them have been subjected to fines. On YouTube, the "Experimento Asiento" video has more "thumbs down" votes than "thumbs up".

The groups said Thursday that "the goal is to generate a cultural change and reduce harassment".

This time around activists hope men get the message. The members of this organization want men to have empathy towards women and what they have to go through daily.


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