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M on Facebook Messenger suggests actions based on your conversations

M on Facebook Messenger suggests actions based on your conversations

That sort of feature hides your conversations from Facebook entirely, meaning that this A.I. will never get the chance to decide if you need a suggestion or two. The feature cannot be invoked in the conversation as a third party agent but instead of being intrusive, the assistant will suggest actions and responses to you and those suggested actions or responses will not be visible to the other user unless you respond using the suggested actions.

The way this works is that M analyzes the conversation that you're having inside Messenger and will constantly search for keywords that fire up its suggestive features.

"M uses artificial intelligence and suggests relevant actions to help manage conversations or help get things done".

Suggestions that M can make include: Stickers, payments, polls, reminders, rides, and location sharing. Using M's wits, Messenger can now suggest a bunch of things to users. Facebook says that M will learn the more it is used, and users can ignore or dismiss a suggestion if it is not helpful.

More than a year after introducing a virtual assistant in its Messenger app, Facebook is launching M to the masses. The feature is rolling out to iOS and Android users in the US, with a broader expansion around the globe in the coming months.

The company has already carried out testing on its digital personal assistant, M. this was carried out on a selected percentage of Messenger users in the past few months.

According to Facebook M will offer suggestions based on your conversation, have a look at the video of M below.

Unlike the Google Assistant, you can't summon M forth, but the assistant will pop into chats "organically" whenever it senses its assistance is needed.

Just like any other chatbot, Facebook's M will be active all the time whenever you are conversing with someone over the platform.

M's AI abilities have hit both iOS and Android, but right now they're only available to users in the US.

What can Facebook M do? Once it spots an appropriate opportunity it suggests helpful actions in the chat.

There is a chance that Facebook could become the chosen AI digital assistant among users in the enterprise, but given that many use Facebook as a personal social media site, it may not make an impact among business users. But the inclusion of the Lyft and Uber ride hailing option signal it could have bigger ambitions for recommending outside developer services.

If you're telling a friend where you are, M may suggest the option to share your location. If you do not want M's assistance, you can simply mute it by going to settings.


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