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Reggie Recast: Actor Ross Butler To Be Replaced On 'Riverdale'

Reggie Recast: Actor Ross Butler To Be Replaced On 'Riverdale'

Just a tiny update on Riverdale season 2, here: it's been confirmed that Ross Butler will not return as Archie's enemy, Reggie Mantle. the role will be recast, because Butler's schedule is too packed. By the end of this hour, you're going to have a whole lot of questions entering the finale, and one of the aspects of the story that will be so interesting is seeing precisely how the show chooses to answer the bulk of them.

After an entire season of suspense, on next week's episode of the Archie Comics' series, viewers will find out... who killed Jason Blossom. So the only option was to recast him.

Who do you think should play Reggie? "I think the focus is the message we're trying to say", he said.

In addition to the recent news that one of the main character's life will be in the balance, Aguirre-Sacasa also mentioned in Cinema Blend that "Afterlife with Archie" is a possible plot for the sequel.

"We love what Ross did with the role of Reggie [this season], but because of his commitments to other projects, we couldn't use him almost as much as we would have liked", series creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said in a statement.

"We love what Ross did with the role of Reggie [this season], but because of his commitments to other projects, we couldn't use him almost as much as we would have liked", says Aguirre-Sacasa. There were previous statements from the stars, writers, and creators of the show who were defending the dark mystery drama from the controversies it is facing which according to fans also seemed to be hints that another run is already on the way. It's also proven to have a long tail: like Stranger Things before it, the series is still inspiring conversation and debate even almost a month after its debut (and has been named 2017's most tweeted-about show to boot).

Cole Sprouse was asked how he felt about Ross leaving the show and what he had to say may give you even more hope we could be seeing more Zack Dempsey in our future.


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