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Scottish independence support plummets ahead of United Kingdom election

Scottish independence support plummets ahead of United Kingdom election

Support for Scottish independence has plummeted ahead of a snap election created to embolden the British government for forthcoming Brexit talks, according to a poll released on Tuesday.

Significantly, 30 per cent of those who voted Yes at the last independence referendum and Leave in the European Union referendum are among those who do not want to see another Scottish poll.

Moreover, in the wake of Brexit, Scotland's First Minister has gone out of her way to broker a compromise arrangement with Theresa May's government, one in which Scotland could retain membership of the European single market while a the same time remaining part of a United Kingdom that sits outside the EU.

The Scottish Daily Mail also focuses on the polls and claims that Nicola Sturgeon's "dream of breaking up Britain" had been dealt a blow after a survey by Kantar found support for independence had fallen to 40%.

The figure puts support for independence below the 45% that was recorded in the independence referendum in September 2014.

A similar story was evident from the pattern of voting in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum - just under half (47%) of those who voted "Yes" wanted the second referendum to be held by Spring 2019 in contrast to 72% of those who voted "No" indicating that they did not want such a referendum.

The First Minister has still to give an update to MSPs at Holyrood on how she is to take forward plans to hold a fresh ballot on leaving the UK. The potential impact on the British economy in such a scenario is grim indeed, which is why Scotland's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has been demanding a second referendum on Scottish independence.

But despite two decades of the vote being split between Labour, the SNP and the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives are looking to pick up more than two seats north of the border thanks to their strong stance against independence.

If they do not return, the SNP will need to find five candidates, including three for the seats the party did not win in 2015.

Independence would shatter more than 300 years of economic and political ties between England and Scotland.

Criticism of the Scottish National Party's performance in areas such as health and education could be one of the reasons for the apparent weakening of pro-independence sentiment, according to the head of Kantar in Scotland Tom Costley.

In Scotland, there are two key issues dominating the landscape ahead of the general election- Brexit and independence.

"And whatever else happens in this election we should not allow the Tory party to escape the accountability for any misdemeanours that may have led to them buying the last general election".

"Only a vote for the Scottish conservatives will send the SNP a clear message - no to another independence referendum".


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