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Spicer: Trump values Bannon's 'commitment to the team'

Spicer: Trump values Bannon's 'commitment to the team'

Steve Bannon helped spearhead the Trump team's "America First" agenda on the campaign trail.

All this comes amid another high-profile White House controversy concerning White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

Later on Tuesday, Spicer was still groveling in an interview with Politico: "I don't even know how to explain it". Trump's new postures toward NATO, Russia, Syria, and China are only partial rejections of Bannon-esque white nationalist ideology.

Still, Kushner has some powerful allies inside the White House. However, Bannon is, on balance, more conservative than his main rivals in the White House power struggle. That, for anyone who hasn't followed Trump since the New York City tabloids were fat and literally dripping with classifieds, predates this past political cycle by a decades.

Soon after these remarks, The Wall Street Journal noted how Trump appeared to swat away suggestions Bannon is a key influence in his decision making, calling him "a guy who works for me".

The central concern of that ideology is immigration, and its chief proponents in the Trump administration include Bannon, senior adviser Stephen Miller, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

"Trump has been Trump for a long time". Feehery also writes a regular column for The Hill.

After meeting in 2011, Breitbart News, which Bannon led, offered extensive coverage of Trump and interviews with him before he formally announced his run for the presidency in June 2015.

It's never good when your boss says you're a "good guy, but".

Still, defenders of Bannon argue these are signs of Trump asserting his own primacy rather than ushering Bannon to the exit.

The split between the hard-nosed Bannon and the far more reserved and soft-spoken Kushner has evolved into much more than a personality clash. Cohn, the former No. 2 at Goldman Sachs, and fellow Goldman executive Dina Powell, one of Trump's top national security advisers, have been gaining favor with the president.

For those who see Bannon as the keeper of the Trump's populist flame, that is a source of real anger.

Trump's three oldest children - Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric - and Kushner have been frustrated by the impression of chaos inside the White House and feel that their father has not always been served well by his senior staff, according to people with knowledge of their sentiments. During their phone call, Xi told Trump that China is willing to continue working with the USA on denuclearization.

Trump said, "when I saw that, I said we have to do something". "He respects his mind and appreciates his loyalty and friendship during a hard time of the campaign".

The more likely outcome if Bannon goes is that he returns to Breitbart and continues to expand on its emerging media empire. Caputo said that Bannon must "fix things" in White House relationships but dismissed as "hype" the belief that he is about to lose his job.


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