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Aeroflot turbulence leaves passengers with fractures and bruises

Aeroflot turbulence leaves passengers with fractures and bruises

Twenty-five people were taken to hospital after the flight landed and two required emergency surgery.

The Aeroflot flight hit an air pocket on Monday, the Russian embassy in Thailand confirmed in a statement.

The Airport Authority of Thailand said in a press release that 30 passengers had been injured during the flight with 27 individuals transferred to Samitivej Srinakarin hospital in Bangkok, while three chose to seek their own treatment.

Around 20 people were seriously injured after their plane hit "severe turbulence".

The airline said the crew was unable to warn passengers of the approaching danger as the turbulence occurred in a clear sky.

He said: "Apparently, those who were injured did not have their seat belts fastened".

Rostislav Rusev, a passenger, wrote on Instagram: "Out of nowhere we hit turbulence that was so..."

At least 20 people - including three babies - suffered major injuries including suspected broken spines in the carnage which happened en route from Moscow to Bangkok, the Daily Mail reports.

Video from the incident showed a chaotic scene, including blood on an overhead storage bin and passengers lying prone in aisles.

The pilot, Aleksandr Ruzov, said the turbulence was "impossible to predict", in an interview with the Russian Federation 24 news channel.

"Lots of people from the tail cabin have broken their noses, several people have probably broken their spines". It came out of nowhere it was like driving a auto and a tire suddenly burst. He called the crew "heroes", adding to CNN that they "couldn't have been more professional and courageous".

Turbulence-while often unpredictable and (almost) always frightening-is generally harmless, caused by stormy skies, location (like a plane's proximity to mountains), or the jet stream.



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