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Le Pen Takes Leave As FN Head In French Presidency Bid

Le Pen Takes Leave As FN Head In French Presidency Bid

French far-right veteran Jean-Marie Le Pen has said his daughter Marine, who faces centrist Emmanuel Macron in a 7 May presidential run-off, should have campaigned more aggressively for Sunday's first round, following the example of US President Donald Trump.

Far-right presidential contender Marine Le Pen has rebranded herself with a new slogan - "Choose France" - before the May 7 runoff balloting to embrace a wider swath of voters and boost her chances for victory.

"I think that we are approaching a decisive moment".

Earlier, Le Pen had stolen some of the pro-European candidate's thunder by visiting workers hours ahead of him at the same factory in his northern home town of Amiens.

But even presidential candidates sometimes have to face criticism from the family.

"Her strategic step away from the National Front appears to have been a sensible move in her bid for Presidency, as both the bookmakers and punters believe the possibility of her winning the second round of voting has improved", says Same Eaton at Oddschecker.

It might also be one last attempt to distance herself from the antisemitism and racism associated with her party and her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen - an image she has worked tirelessly to erase since taking over from him as party leader in 2011.

French presidential election candidate Marine Le Pen attends a ceremony for slain police officer Xavier Jugele, at the Paris Police headquarters on Tuesday.

"So I shall not cede a centimetre of space, not a second's respite, not an ounce of energy", to Le Pen, Macron insisted.

Le Pen started her day at the Rungis wholesale market outside Paris, calling for more food to be produced and consumed in this country known as the gastronomic center of the Western world.

Melenchon faced criticism after he failed to urge his backers to get behind Macron as part of the so-called "republican front", the decades-old French tactic of closing ranks to block the far-right.

A win for centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron in the first round of the French presidential election had sparked a global rally in risk assets on Monday as investors breathed a sigh of relief over the reduced chances of a nationalist upset. "Madame Le Pen does not understand how this country works", he added.

Kantor pointed out that Le Pen, who has temporarily stepped down as National Front leader, recently "made comments against the historic record of the Holocaust, which makes her no less unsafe than her Holocaust-denying father who she has tried to hide".


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