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SNP election success would entitle them to new independence vote, poll finds

A Panelbase poll for the Sunday Times Scotland has found that 52% of voters believe the Prime Minister should not stand in the way of a fresh referendum if Ms Sturgeon makes a manifesto commitment to try to secure one and wins a majority of the Scottish seats.

"That's why we're seeing in Scotland now, a big shift in the polls, I think the last poll for the Times just yesterday showed a 27 per cent swing between the election of 2015 and now between the SNP and the Conservatives".

It came after Mr Corbyn accused her of slipping into a "presidential bunker mentality", reliant on sound bites and squeezing dissent, and claimed her attitude could lead to "damaging mistakes" for the country.

Prof Curtice predicted low turnout, often a problem at local elections, was set to continue, although it may be boosted by national concerns - including the general election, Scottish independence and Brexit.

She made her first venture north of the border as polls show she is on course to snatch five key seats from the SNP.

The SNP leader said it is "abundantly obvious" that Labour will not win the General Election, and does not have what it takes to be an effective opposition.

Ms Sturgeon has demanded a second referendum after Scotland voted to remain in the European Union, unlike the rest of the Britain.

Stuart Donaldson, the SNP MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine, said: "The prime minister's speech from Aberdeenshire could not be broadcast due to signalling issues - an irony which will not be lost on people living in rural areas who wish the United Kingdom government would do more to support connectivity".

She said the Conservatives must not be given a "free hand to do whatever they want to Scotland".

Scottish Lib Dem general election campaign chair, Alex Cole-Hamilton, said: "It's clear the SNP are in abject disarray".

According to the latest poll, the support for a Scottish independence is 45 per cent, which is the same level as the time of the 2014 referendum.

The SNP deputy leader Angus Robertson criticised the Prime Minister for comparing them to "extremists".

Scottish Labour sources were quoted saying the party will focus its efforts on protecting Mr Murray's Edinburgh South seat, and winning back East Renfrewshire and East Lothian.

Her party has also been criticised for instating the new two-child cap for families receiving child tax credits, and invoking the so-called rape clause, which means a woman can still receive credits if she claims that she conceived her third child as a result of sexual assault.

"But they know Jeremy Corbyn is itching to do a deal with the SNP that would sell pro-UK Scots down the river".

"There are 4,000 fewer teachers, 1,000 fewer school support staff and 700 teacher vacancies that will take three years to fill under the SNP. Where new trade deals with the USA and elsewhere are used to drive down our working conditions, and environmental and food standards".

He will highlight figures showing 2.4 million young people are missing from the electoral register.


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