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Clinton: Trump unleashed 'dangerous' level of hate

Clinton: Trump unleashed 'dangerous' level of hate

Clinton also cited alleged Russian interference with the election as one of the major reasons for her loss, stating that Americans helped "weaponize" information to use against her campaign.

He was referring to Clinton's assertions during her talk that false news about her was widely spread on Facebook, and that she was hamstrung because the Democratic Party did not have a sophisticated data operation, unlike the well-funded Republican Party data system.

Carlson said that she donned "the trendy tin foil hat" he said Democrats have popularized since Trump's election. "It's one of the reasons she lost", the source said, the Hill reported. "It's undisputed how close the margin was in the three states that made the difference", said Terry Shumaker, a longtime Clinton friend and former USA ambassador to Trinidad. "So people went to vote on November 8th having no idea that there was an active counter intelligence investigation going on of the Trump campaign", she said. Even her own party's national campaign committee - with political ally Debbie Wasserman Schultz at the helm!

The DNC issue has "been on her mind since before Election Day", a Clinton associate told CNN.

Clinton also blamed the Democratic National Committee (DNC), which she described as "bankrupt" and "on the verge of insolvency" during her campaign. He went on to accuse her of ignoring warnings about how competitive the races in three states were.

Polling data suggests Clinton's defeat can largely be attributed to her failure to gain sufficient support among white working-class voters.

"There is a new spirit running through the Democratic Party,"Mr. Ellison said".

"I had to inject money into it", Clinton lamented.

"Hillary Clinton is a wonderful American".

When asked who she believed had guided the Russians, she said, "I'm leaning Trump". That's what I thought. Clinton and Trump had a snarky exchange on twitter over her statements.

Clinton alleged that WikiLeaks colluded with the Russians. "Now it is a vast Russian conspiracy - turns out we were right".

"Hits Facebook & even Dems & DNC", Trump tweeted on Wednesday in response to comments Clinton made at Recode's 2017 Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.

On "Hannity" tonight, Mike Huckabee said that Hillary Clinton is still making excuses for her loss in the 2016 presidential election because she simply can't admit that she failed.

Clinton's scathing tweet was clearly a reference to the now-infamous "covfefe" tweet Trump sent out earlier in the week.


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