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Salvador Dali's body to be exhumed

Salvador Dali's body to be exhumed

A judge in Spain ruled a DNA sample must be taken from the famed surrealist to determine if he fathered a child with a mistress.

The body of artist Salvador Dali is set to be exhumed for a paternity suit brought by a woman who claims to be his daughter, news reports state.

Pilar Abel, a tarot-card reader from the nearby city of Girona who was born in 1956, says she is the offspring of an affair between Dali and her mother, Antonia. The judge in Madrid said since there were no biological remains or personal objects of the artist available, exhumation was necessary to investigate the paternity suit.

Dali died of heart failure in January 1989 at the age of 84. Gala had innumerable affairs during that time with her husband's blessing, using the money she made from selling Salvador's art to lavish gifts on her lovers.

He said one person "worked for Dali and Dali paid her to investigate what she did and where the plaintiff's mother went". Gala had a daughter from an earlier marriage but the couple had no children of their own. In fact, it has always been thought that Mr. Dali had an aversion to sexual contact altogether, with many believing he actually died a virgin. Martinez once quipped to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, "all I'm missing is a moustache."! The date of the exhumation has not yet been decided, but the woman's lawyer has said it is expected to take place in July. She went under two paternity tests in 2007 but did not receive the results.

The Dali Foundation will appeal Monday's decision, in a case that drags on for over a decade.

If Dali is found to be Martinez' father, she could try to win access to part of the estate, which is likely worth tens of millions.



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