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U.S. urges China to release Liu Xiaobo's wife and let her leave

U.S. urges China to release Liu Xiaobo's wife and let her leave

Liu was transferred from prison to a heavily guarded hospital to be treated for late-stage liver cancer more than a month ago.

The death of the Chinese human rights activist Liu Xiaobo, who died on Thursday while serving an 11-year prison sentence, has prompted an outpouring of grief and rage around the world.

The prominent democracy advocate died aged 61 while still in custody following a battle with cancer.

Even after it was announced that Liu suffered from liver cancer, close friends and relatives were barred from visiting Liu during his treatment. "The last state to do that was Nazi Germany", Hu says.

During his last illness, many retired officials and Chinese intellectuals expressed their anger over Liu's treatment at the hands of the government. He says a visit Liu made one day to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY led to a sort of revelation.

A university professor turned rights campaigner, Liu was branded a criminal by the authorities. But when the Tiananmen student democracy protests began, he rushed back to China to support the protesters. Troops including tanks subsequently took the square by force. The official death toll is unknown, but estimates range from several hundred to thousands of people killed. Liu leaves a job at Columbia University to join the protests and is jailed after the crackdown. Though allowed out on medical parole he was never freed, spending his final days in the hospital surrounded by security guards.

The Charter called for a genuine use of the Constitution and institutions that uphold the rule of law, democratic reforms, and human rights, warning of disaster amid growing social tensions in the absence of such reforms.

Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee Thorbjoern Jagland looks down at the Nobel certificate and medal on the empty chair where Nobel Peace Prize victor jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo would have sat during the ceremony at Oslo City Hall on December 10, 2010. The Chinese government refused to release Liu from prison to attend the ceremony in Norway and prevented his family from accepting the award on his behalf. Yet for those of us who followed his extraordinarily important and courageous work over the decades, there is a great sense of emptiness and sadness-not so much sadness for Liu himself, who is now free of persecution, but sadness for China's backward march and sadness for the timidity of world leaders at the brutalization of one of the great men of modern times.

He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010.

A protester displays a picture of jailed Chinese Nobel Peace laureate Liu Xiaobo's detained wife Liu Xia during a demonstration outside the Chinese liaison office in Hong Kong, Thursday, July 13, 2017. Liu Xia has been under tight surveillance and largely isolated, despite not being charged for a crime.

"By letting a Nobel peace prize victor die in custody they lost a chance to show humanity and instead proved their cold-blooded nature".

Rights groups and Western governments had urged China to allow Liu and his wife to leave the country to be treated overseas, as Liu had said he wanted.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged China's leaders to show some "humanity".

"I will see him as a very important symbol, (but) people like him fail to get attention from common folk, and given his plight as an unknown prisoner of conscience, there is little to say", one person identified as L said in the article. That resulted in a three-year sentence to a labor camp, during which time he married Liu Xia. He hasn't been heard publicly since.



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