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Wisconsin used full-court press to win $10 billion Foxconn project

Wisconsin used full-court press to win $10 billion Foxconn project

Walker and Ryan thanked Trump for his work on the deal. "The prospect this secret deal is the best thing for Wisconsin taxpayers is, to say the least, slim".

Foxconn Technology Group, which helped turn China into the center of electronics manufacturing, said it would build a $10 billion plant in Wisconsin to make display panels used in televisions and other products.

Some economists have pointed out that highly skilled postings are not always easy to fill.

In addition, Walker said Wisconsin's agreement with Foxconn would contain terms permitting the state to recapture tax dollars if the manufacturer's employment numbers drop in future years.

Foxconn will pay the new workers an average of $53,875 a year, plus benefits.

Walker, however, will have to spend significant political capital to afford the project.

LABOR STRIFE: Like other contract manufacturers, Foxconn has struggled to meet high safety and other standards expected of consumer electronics brands while keeping costs low.

One ray of hope that Foxconn will stick to its promise comes from a joint announcement that company made with Rockwell Automation regarding a new collaboration to implement Connected Enterprise and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions in Foxconn's new US facilities.

Workers who are out of the labor force but need a job often are weighing the pay and benefits against new costs: a auto to buy for commuting, fresh work clothes and arrangements for childcare, he said. Walker says the construction of the facility will require about 10,000 workers, while filling jobs at the plant should increase 2 and 4 year college enrollment.

Other lawmakers expect some people from other states to re-locate to Wisconsin for a job. "It's going to be either in Racine or Kenosha County", Kerkman said.

A third site with similar jobs will form a sort of "agglomeration economy" - as in Silicon Valley, a cluster of same-sector firms that will persuade Americans to move to the area with the confidence that in case of job loss, other opportunities will be available. Balding also noted that the 3,000 jobs figure is "not even a rounding error" when compared to the dimension of one of Foxconn's big Chinese factories, something that seems to point again to automation as an intended direction for the plant. I am encouraged by the bipartisan support we have seen for Wisconn Valley, and I call on the Legislature to support this measure and open the door for 13,000 direct Foxconn jobs, 10,000 direct construction jobs, and 22,000 more indirect or induced jobs related to this project.

The plan, announced Wednesday at a White House ceremony, marks the first major US investment for Foxconn, the world's largest contract manufacturer of electronics and the maker of iPhones and other gadgets for Apple Inc.

It won't all be smooth sailing, though.

Foxconn plans to make LCD screens for medical, automotive, aviation and entertainment industries at the plant in Wisconsin, and will be the first of its kind in North America.



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