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72 major genetic risk factors for breast cancer identified in new study

72 major genetic risk factors for breast cancer identified in new study

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

The proclamation was read by Commissioner Bobby Jackson, who lost his wife to breast cancer in 2006 after an 18-year fight against the disease.

Six months ago, something came up wrong in a mammogram for our own Stacy Lyn.

As for Stacy, she left her appointment with good news. "Women are very strong".

Queensland Institute of Medical Research's Professor Chenevix-Trench told The New Daily it would help identify women at high risk who require earlier and more intensive screening.

Researchers from Quebec city are now hoping to obtain the necessary financing to assess the feasibility and acceptability of this new method of assessing the risk of breast cancer.

They could be responsible for as much as 16 per cent of the increased risk of this cancer sub-type in women from affected families.

Some 107 genes already linked to breast cancer were confirmed while scientists found 72 new ones.

By combining epidemiological data with other data from breast tissue, the researchers were able to make plausible predictions of the target genes in the large majority of cases.

However most of the new variants found were in gene-regulating regions.

"We think that this ability to pinpoint the genes associated with risk of breast cancer will eventually enable us to develop more effective screening interventions and even risk-reduction medications and treatments", Dr Beesley said.

The findings are published today in the journals Nature and Nature Genetics. "There's been a lot of research trying to figure out what that something else is".

However, not all cancer cells carry this receptor - these are known as oestrogen-receptor negative.

Professor John Bridgewater, an oncologist at University College London Hospital, who was not involved in the study, said: 'Many patients will often go on special diets, rather than having conventional treatment.

Yet breast cancer is still one of the most deadly forms of cancer for many women in the U.S., coming second only to lung cancer for some demographic groups.

KNOW THE SIGNS What are the red flag signs of bowel cancer, how common is it, what are the risks and can it be treated?

Lifestyle changes such as diet, body weight, exercise and alcohol consumption are some of the modifiable risk factors for this disease.

The other seven predispose to hormone receptor-negative breast cancer.

QIMR Berghofer's Professor Georgia Chenevix-Trench, who helped co-lead the worldwide collaboration, said the discovery nearly doubled what researchers already knew about existing genetic markers.



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