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Chicago Man Arrested For Vandalizing Christopher Columbus Statue

Chicago Man Arrested For Vandalizing Christopher Columbus Statue

Since its national acceptance by order of President Franklin D. Roosevelt 32 years later, United States citizens have seized the day as a chance to reflect on their heritage.

Columbus Day is a national holiday in many countries in the Americas and elsewhere to officially celebrates the anniversary of Christopher Columbus' arrival in the Americas Oct. 12, 1492.

Obama has also hailed Columbus' ambition and perseverance, saying his "legacy is embodied in the spirit of our Nation". He and de Blasio have had a years' long running feud. We've been talking about taking down monuments and statues dedicated to the Confederacy, and a few people here and there have brought up the statues of Columbus that are spread across the country.

So what did Columbus really do?

This is the day set aside to mark the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America.

Barron described Columbus as a "colonizer" who "enslaved Africans and slaughtered indigenous people". Columbus Day is already one of the most inconsistently celebrated.

The topics will include the problems of educational disparity and opioid addiction of Native American youth.

The indigenous societies of the Americas "were decimated by exposure to Old World diseases, crumbling under the weight of epidemic", historian David M. Perry wrote. "He also took slaves for display back home and to work in his conquered lands". Sixteen percent disagreed. Fifty-six percent view Columbus either "favorably" or "very favorably"; half as many, or 28 percent, take a negative view of the navigator.

As previously mentioned, Columbus Day is controversial. Hence there was no need for Columbus to prove the shape of the world. Growing up, Columbus Day always meant dinner with my grandparents-one of whom was of Sicilian descent and the other with lineage from Naples.

Trump's proclamation urges the celebrate Christopher Columbus' spirit of discovery of the Americas, a contrast to former President Barack Obama's document a year ago, which acknowledged both Columbus' drive to explore and the suffering of Native Americans.

Cohen says this is not about trying to replace the day with Indigenous Peoples Day, but more about honoring both cultures. Additionally, he requested that the flag of the United States be displayed on public buildings in honor of the day.

Berkeley, Calif, was the first in the nation to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day in 1992, and Santa Cruz, Calif., followed shortly after.

King said that when the Knights of Columbus was formed in the 1882, it was named after Columbus because he was an important Catholic figure in American history in a time with Catholics were facing discrimination.



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