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Temporary Protected Status Revoked For Haiti and Nicaragua

Temporary Protected Status Revoked For Haiti and Nicaragua

The Obama administration granted these Haitians "Temporary Protective Status", which allowed them to work and live in the US while their country recovered.

It says their protected status will end in July 2019, giving Haitians 18 months to return or otherwise legalise their immigration status in the US.

The protections for people from Haiti, El Salvador and Honduras were set to expire in 2018. "Thus, under the applicable statute, the current TPS designation must be terminated".

Seven years after the initial designation and after study of the situation, acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine C. Duke concluded that "those extraordinary but temporary conditions caused by the 2010 quake no longer exist", said a senior administration official who briefed reporters on condition of anonymity.

Days before the Nicaraguan and Honduran decision was announced, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson informed Duke that the State Department assessed that TPS was no longer necessary for the Central Americans and Haitians. Florida and Texas may be particularly hard hit as they continue to recover from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

But critics of the move say those conditions haven't improved almost enough to force Haitians to return home.

Yet our nation - especially my home state of Florida - has not only offered a helping hand to Haitians seeking refuge from these grave challenges, but also benefited significantly from their presence in and contributions to our country.

"No Haitian deserves to go back to Haiti", Dupuy said.

The Trump administration on Monday announced thousands of Haitians seeking refuge in the USA must return to their poverty-stricken homeland.

"The unfortunate treatment of those that hold Temporary Protected Status in this country under this Administration is dishonorable and disgraceful", said Assembly Member Rodneyse Bichotte, a daughter of Haitian immigrants.

The 18-month window is meant to give Haitians time to prepare to leave the US or to seek an alternate legal immigration status.

"It is not consistent with the traditions and values of the United States to order the return of large numbers of foreign nationals who have been following our laws and contributing to our economy and culture to countries that are risky, politically unstable, and incapable of providing basic services and protections for their citizens", Baker wrote.

The US is to terminate a programme that gives more than 50,000 immigrants from Haiti protection against deportation.

"The law makes it clear that TPS for Haiti must end", he said. Many of them work in fields like home care.

Advocates in May were requesting an 18-month extension for TPS for Haiti, but then-DHS Secretary Kelly granted a six-month extension.

A decision on 195,000 recipients from El Salvador is expected in January.

In Haiti's case, temporary status was granted after a huge natural disaster hit the island in 2010, killing more than 200,000 people, according to government estimates. It will also provide time for Haiti to prepare for the return and reintegration of their citizens.

"Besides the human toll on Haitian TPS recipients and their families, it will be costly for their employers, ruinous to the up and coming neighborhoods where they often live, and destablilizing to their countries of origin", Saenz said.



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