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Facebook to demote posts that 'bait' for shares, likes

Facebook to demote posts that 'bait' for shares, likes

The company will now begin demoting spammy or "engagement bait" posts that ask users to take actions, such as liking, commenting, tagging, or even sharing.

Starting this week, Facebook says it will begin demoting pages that use the "spammy" tactic. The company further added that it will implement stricter demotions for Pages that repeatedly have bait engagement in a few weeks to give publishers time to adapt to these upcoming changes. However, Facebook was also careful to note that it will not punish posts asking for help or trying to support beneficial causes, like raising money for charities or missing child reports. In a post, Facebook representatives explain that "engagement bait" goes against "one of our key News Feed values-authenticity".

The clampdown is led by a machine learning algorithm that the California-based social media firm said has been provided to "hundreds of thousands of posts" to determine various kinds of engagement bait.

Facebook provided a few examples of engagement baiting, such as asking people to vote on their 2018 goals, or the chain-letter approach of "Share with 10 friends for a chance to win a new vehicle".

At least for the foreseeable future, however, convicted engagement baiters can make a consistent effort to "engage in good behavior" (i.e., post less crap) as a means of reclaiming their original reach, Facebook noted. These pages can not buy ads on Facebook. Is your friend tempting you with endless photos of ramen on her Japan trip? Hide allows users to remove posts they don't want to see, but it is more of a single post solution, and not an effective way in silencing multiple posts in your news feed. And then, for some reason, your weird cousin or friend from high school made a decision to share a post that is just a video or meme begging for engagement by saying "LIKE if you agree" or "Share with ten friends for a chance to win!"

Facebook is, of course, still answering tougher question about the overall impact that its service is having on society across the world.



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