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Nintendo aims to develop more mobile games

Nintendo aims to develop more mobile games

Despite this, sources to WSJ have noted that Nintendo will not increase prices, but instead will look into offering partnerships with other mobile development studios. Traditional gaming is still considered a central tenet at Nintendo.

A new report from the Wall Street Journal indicates that Nintendo is interested in partnering with more mobile developers for new smartphone games after falling behind schedule in 2017. The report claims Nintendo spoke with GungHo (Ragnarok Online) given the two companies have already collaborated before with Mario characters appearing in GungHo's Puzzle & Dragons for the 3DS. Nintendo had purchased some stake from DeNA, a mobile video game developer who has since put out a number of Nintendo video game properties on both Android and Apple app marketplaces.

Nintendo already owns 10 percent of DeNa shares since 2015, though it is unlikely that the company will do the same for the new partnerships it may forge in the coming months. It is unclear whether the company is engaging in talks with other companies, nor whether it has any other potential partners in mind. In addition, it has also been downloaded for over 200 million times, according to Nintendo's company earnings report in October. This follows Nintendo's existing work with DeNA and its stated plan to launch five mobile games by March 2017.

Considering core Animal Crossing game sales have risen in Japan following the release of Pocket Camp, Nintendo's strategy could prove to be a good one.

The company's willingness to double down on mobile is even more surprising, considering Nintendo was pretty open about the fact that its second mobile game, Super Mario Run, didn't meet Nintendo's sale expectations.

If Nintendo is serious about releasing games for smartphones, it would have to speed up its efforts moving forward.

For now, we'll have to wait and see just what Nintendo officially announces in the future along with what other Nintendo IP will receive the mobile development treatment next.



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