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Study shows San Diego traffic is among the world's worst

Study shows San Diego traffic is among the world's worst

Throughout 2017, LA drivers spent 102 hours in congestion during peak time periods, with Moscow and NY coming joint second with 91 hours respectively.

In the top 25 list of worst offenders, 10 US cities made the list, including the No. 1 spot awarded to Los Angeles.

You may remember back in 2012, it was ranked the absolute worst city for traffic in the USA, even topping Los Angeles. Overall congestion speeds are 7.4 miles per hour, compared with 9.9 miles per hour in Los Angeles and 10.5 miles per hour in San Francisco.

While Cincinnati was ranked 39 in the U.S. for congestion problems, Dayton was 170.

But Los Angeles had lower peak period tie-ups than San Francisco, Seattle, Boston and Portland, the study showed.

Inrix chief economist Dr Graham Cookson said: "The cost of congestion is astonishing". The new report "puts some real numbers to the size of that cost".

Travelling into and out of London at peak hours, drivers spent 16% of their time in congestion with an average speed of 12.8 mph.

This takes into account direct costs such as wasted fuel and time as well as indirect consequences such as increased freighting fees being passed on to consumers.

Manchester, Birmingham, Luton and Edinburgh were the UK's next four most congested major cities. It cost the city over $19 billion.

Data collected from 300 million cars and devices in 1,360 cities reveal the average congestion levels and the consequent costs that this has on motorists... At $1,770, congestion cost the average German driver 57 percent more than an American, after adjusting for exchange rates and the cost of living.

According to the analysis, San Francisco drivers averaged 79 hours sitting in traffic jams during peak travel times past year.

But motorists in London were subjected to more than double this, with drivers wasting 74 hours in gridlock - up one hour on 2016. New York City (tie) 2. El Paso, Austin and Dallas also reduced their traffic levels.



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