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The Bolton Appointment: Conflict Between Trump's Words And Deeds

The Bolton Appointment: Conflict Between Trump's Words And Deeds

The job of the National Security Adviser is to consolidate the policy advice given to the president from various agencies. "Mr Bolton's position on Russia", it declares, "that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation must have a strong response to the Kremlin-linked poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain is somewhat better than Mr Trump's". Should the new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo not toe this line, he could also face the sack.

US President Donald Trump's pick of John Bolton for his next national security adviser stirred up the same burning question Friday in Washington as in anxious foreign capitals: Just how much will his hawkish, confrontational approach rub off on Trump?

Likewise Bolton is a strident advocate of a confrontational approach to China, pushing for far stronger action to challenge Chinese maritime claims in the South China and East China Seas. In an opinion piece penned for the Boston Globe, Bolton, says, "the Security Council, the General Assembly, and the various "human-rights" organizations - have largely been failures". He has advocated for American exceptionalism, and opposed the USA joining the International Criminal Court. McMaster repeatedly had to fight for his team within the Trump administration, but Bolton seems unlikely to follow that pattern, or to inspire the kind of loyalty that drew well-regarded policy wonks to work for McMaster, regardless their views of Trump. However the methods do not discount military action and provocations to ensure continued USA supremacy and dissuade any power from challenging its might. Two sources familiar with Bolton's relationship with Trump said one of the big unknowns was how Bolton's approach to Russian Federation will go over with the president or if he's even aware of those differences. This is a man who can't refrain from telling Tucker Carlson that his analysis is "simpleminded" - while he's a guest on Carlson's show. This makes him very unsafe and adds risk for those hoping to cultivate a special relationship with him. Inflaming the Sunni-Shia conflict requires sustaining wars where Iran is involved, from Syria and Yemen to Iraq and Lebanon. Bolton has tweeted that withdrawal should be "a top @realDonaldTrump administration priority" and that United States policy instead should be "aimed at regime change in Tehran". He will faithfully pursue the agenda against Iran and its associates with lethal sanctions and attrition.

He told the president that when asked for his view, he won't hesitate to share it, but will give Trump room to decide, said the individual, who wasn't authorized to discuss private conversations and requested anonymity.

Trump's definition of "America First" has always been somewhat nebulous, although he's stressed the importance of U.S. sovereignty, limited overseas intervention and burden-sharing among allies so that Washington doesn't disproportionately foot the bill.

Bolton has served in two previous administrations, is involved with a number of conservative think tanks, and was also foreign policy adviser to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2012. Indeed, Mr Bolton is credited with the resolutions that ban Iran from exporting weapons and ammunition; Hezbollah and Iran's proxies in Iraq are firmly on his radar. Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton (right) speaks during CPAC 2018 February 22, 2018 in National Harbor, Maryland.

A source close to Bolton cautioned that any staffing changes would take time, given the need to process security clearances. To do so, he may lobby for strikes against Iranian and Syrian regime military sites.

The move, which was sudden but not unexpected, signals a more confrontational approach in American foreign policy at a time when the U.S. president faces mounting challenges, including from Iran and North Korea, the New York Times commented. It is now in the hands of ideologues and isolationists.



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