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Police chief apologizes to men from Starbucks

Police chief apologizes to men from Starbucks

Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America" on Thursday and described their arrest. By Monday, the men were set to meet with Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson to discuss what happened. But Thursday was the first time Nelson and Robinson publicly told their story. Instead, the manager wanted Cash to be demoted to a barista along with a corresponding pay cut.

"We are committed to equity, fairness, and changing the narrative about how people are viewed, and treated in this city, and hopefully in this country", Kenney said. Yaffee arrived as the officers put both Nelson and Robinson, who were not being disruptive or confrontational, in handcuffs for trespassing.

Nelson and Robinson, black men who became best friends in the fourth grade, were taken in handcuffs from the Starbucks in Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Square neighborhood, where Robinson has been a customer since he was 15. Three police officers showed up not long after.

Society has criminalized black men for hundreds of years, enacting laws and adopting practices to shut them out. "She stated that they were for paying customers only and I just left it at that at that moment", Nelson shared.

The day after their arrests, they thought about what to do next. Robinson said they weren't read any rights or told why they were being arrested. Yaffe then told him the video had gone viral. "In that moment, I'm trying to process what's going on because it didn't really hit me what was going on - that it was real - until I'm being double-locked with my hands behind my back".

Attorney Stewart Cohen, who is representing Nelson and Robinson, claims that the men were illegally profiled.

"Anytime I'm encountered by cops, I can honestly say it's a thought that runs through my mind", he said.

"You're going to close your stores for an afternoon and take on 500 years of America's brand of racism?" said Nicole Sanchez, CEO of Vaya Consulting. "So I was like, 'No, you're not stopping that right now'". "That's in any situation, whether there's race involved or anything".

The men were arrested after asking to use the store's bathroom while waiting for a friend.

Nelson, who has never been arrested before, told the Associated Press that he wondered if he'd make it home alive.

Nelson said he hoped his experience could be used as a "steppingstone" to future progress.

"When you know that you did nothing wrong, how do you really react to it?" "It's not just a black people thing".

Customers sit in a Starbucks store in Seattle.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross apologized right after he defended the authorities officials' for raping two men in a 25, activities. "And I know some people don't or refuse to understand that, but it's just a reality", Ross said.

"We need a different type of action. not words", he said.

'My honest apologies to these gentlemen, ' Ross said.

"There was no reasoning", he said.

He said the police department did not have a policy for dealing for similar situations, but does now, and it will be released soon. "But she was cold and standoffish to everyone else and would say, 'They can wait.' She often made the baristas serve them so she wouldn't have to".

"It is also reasonable to believe that the officers didn't know it either", he added.

Ross said he "failed miserably" in addressing the arrests.

Sanchez and other crisis communications experts said the company's initial response could have been much stronger and more unequivocal. "This is a people thing, and that's exactly what we to see out of this, and that's true change".

A few minutes later, they hardly noticed when the police walked into the coffee shop - until officers started walking in their direction. After she provides an address, the operator says, "Alright". "And in looking at the tape, you ask yourself whether or not that in fact was racial profiling". Do they die? What happens?' "They didn't deserve that". On Wednesday, Johnson and Schultz met with about 40 local clergy and lay leaders.

Author information: Rachel Siegel is a national business reporter.



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